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Rethinking Allergies
By Dr. Gregory S. Malakoff, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

I've heard all to often that it's allergy season. No matter what season it is, it's allergy season for that particular person. Next season it's a different patient now suffering with the problem. It's the dust mites again doc. It's the grass. No no I insist it's that darn cat. If all these things caused allergies then shouldn't every one be allergic to them. Of course not because our immune systems often cut us some slack and keep these so called allergens at bay.

Allergists generally agree that no matter what started it, the problem is a histamine response from the patient's immune system in reaction to the "allergens".

So whether you suffer from upper respiratory problems, with burning, tearing, swollen eyes and sinus congestion, to bronchial spasms with asthmatic episodes, or skin reactions with itching, swelling and hives or even gastrointestinal symptoms you may want to consider the following:

The invasion of the poor average immune system by foreign materials (immunizations) begins at infancy. We're not even 25 pounds when the assault begins and we are not able to cope with all the toxins being injected into us. Many people defend injecting 250 times the amount of mercury the EPA deems safe into children because we just don't have enough research to know if it could be harmful, although it is being considered by researchers as a cause of autism. So far the people who sell the stuff seem to have the better research and feel it is nonsense to believe these vaccines could be harmful.

We do know that the DPT vaccine has been responsible for upper-respiratory infections and otitis media within hours after its administration. High temperatures; runny noses; irritability; seizures, and pneumonia are not uncommon. Now antibiotic therapy is given to combat the above which starts an endless parade to the pediatrician for repeated treatments; referral to an allergist; scratch testing; dietary restrictions; allergy shots; antihistamines, surgical tubes etc.

The law is your children must be vaccinated. You can't fight city hall although I do encourage letting our leaders know that you're not satisfied with their plan for your children's health. But you can control other factors that destroy our immune systems. The antibiotics in our milk and commercial foods, along with the processing of food, may also contribute to the allergies we experience. Now add in a healthy heaping of pesticides, herbicides and chemical pollutants to which we are exposed, and you don't really need to have a degree in science and a huge stack of paid for research to suspect that we might have a problem here.

As a chiropractor, I find that most people think I am a dangerous lunatic and a menace to society for emphasizing the fact that the body has an inherent ability to heal and repair when given the right opportunity. My patients express the above feelings; I can only imagine what goes on in the minds of people who don't know me.

I have seen the following help many patients in spite of the fact that their friends and family begged them not to listen to me for they would truly die if they took my advice. Reducing and eliminating dairy products and gluten for some bizarre reason seems to always help to some degree. Could it be because only the human species drinks the milk of another species? Come to think of it, what adult animal drinks milk besides us? At this point many of my patients start to circle the wagons and consider building a barn in their house as a sought of middle digit gesture towards my suggestions. Doc, I've been living with this pus dripping out of my nose for 20 years and I'm not doing a thing to change it. Those allergy pills are working just fine??

Detoxifying the liver and colon shouldn't be such an upsetting idea, but I'll tell you my patients would rather suffer a thousands deaths than consider that one. Improving digestive function through the use of digestive enzymes shouldn't cause such terror. After all undigested protein is a major cause of allergies. What's so offensive about drinking plenty of pure water as opposed to swallowing 50 to 100 teaspoons of sugar (soda)? Plenty of water means to take half of one's body weight and drink that number in ounces.

Raw honey, which alkalizes the body, has helped with many allergies but especially allergies to cats. Real vitamin C and not ascorbic acid is a benefit too. Improving lymphatic drainage with yoga or just plain everyday exercise couldn't possibly be good for you, but I do it anyway just in case some other crazy doctor discovers its O.K. Adrenal extracts have also proven themselves worthy of consideration.

There are many ways to build up our immune systems and to fight allergies. I don't recommend taking medication that covers up the symptoms while the body continues to break down. It never fails to amaze me that my patients will continue to suffer because my typical remedies cost about as much as that cup of designer coffee in their hand.

You deserve to know that you have the ability to repair, rebuild, and heal. There is a different way, a better way, I can't tell you what its called, but you can call me. I promise not to hurt you. I won't even threaten to hurt you. At least not anymore than you're already doing to yourself.